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Wet Coating

Industrial wet painting is the traditional method of protecting and aesthetically enhancing metal components, structures and fabrications. Electrostatic Painting an extremely efficient way of painting. The gun’s high transfer efficiency provides improved productivity with higher quality finishes. Typical uses include metal furniture, lockers, fences, railings, tubing, and file cabinets.

We also paint hot-dipped galvanized steel which we pre-treat by sweep blasting. This creates the key that is essential for good adhesion on this difficult substrate. Wet painting is ideal for applications requiring an exact color and gloss level. It’s also ideal for parts that can not handle the heat associated with powder coating.

The Wet Painting process starts with all parts being cleaned, sanded or stripped, then a primer coat, followed by the parts being sanded before the topcoat. 
Smooth finishes, metallic, and textured finishes are also offered

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