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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is one of the tougher, more durable protective coatings readily available today. It is currently used by most manufacturers of metal products that require a tough protective or decorative finish. Compared to liquid coatings, powder coatings offer a superior chip and impact resistance, excellent flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, and fare very well against abrasion. Powder coating will also give you excellent protection from extreme weather and fading from sunlight.

Just like it sounds, Powder Coating is in a dry powder state about the consistency of talcum powder. The powder is a special blend of color pigment and resin, which when applied correctly fuses together to create the excellent finish. The coating is applied through a special spray gun that supplies a low current electrostatic charge as the powder exits the nozzle. The powder adheres to the grounded metal part and is now ready to be heated. After the part has been coated it runs through an oven for approximately 15-25 minutes at 400 degrees. During this time the powder, melts, flows and cures. After the coated part cools it is ready for the expertise of our quality control. Upon approval it is ready for shipment.

Here again, we understand that from the minute the job comes in, to the moment of shipping, all stages of production are crucial to the perfect finish. Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern.

Powder coating is truly an excellent way to go. It is environmentally safe. As with liquids, some harmful emissions are released into the air, but with powder coating there are no solvents or pollutants are emitted. This process is also cost effective. The waste is minimal.

Colors like the rainbow. From leading manufacturers such as Axalta Powders, Cardinal Industrial Finishes, Tiger Drylac, Spraylat, IFS and Sherwin-Williams we offer a broad range of colors, in both textures and several gloss levels.

We also offer specialized coatings in Old World finishes, which consist of weathered brown, bronze, rust, old copper, patina, verdigris, and many more. The options are great and the end result is spectacular.

Feel free to come in and see our selections. Upon request, custom colors are available.

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