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Dry Film Lubes

Dry Film Lubricants, also referred to as dry lubes or solid film lubes, provide protection from damage during relative movement and to reduce friction and wear. Anoplate typically sprays them on much like paint, though they can be dipped. Perhaps the most commonly used dry film lubricants are the inorganic compounds graphite and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and the polymer material PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). They have very high lubricating properties allowing applications where one wishes to reduce friction and cannot have wet greases or oils present. Though they may be used as a replacement to greases and oils, they are sometimes used as a “back-up” lubricant, under the grease so that lack of addition of grease will not cause failure.

Dry Film Features:

-Dry like Teflon when compared to oils/greases
-Provides corrosion protection and long wear life
-Very high lubricating properties

Dry Film Applications


-Fasteners, cables, slide mechanisms
-Where a protective coating and sacrificial break-in lubricant is required
-Where conventional lubricants are difficult to apply or retain
-For sliding and rotating motion applications
-Piston Skirts
-Cylinder Walls
-Crankshafts & Camshafts
-Bearings and Gears
-Valve Stems & Rocket Pivots

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