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Burn-Off Stripping

Burn off Stripping is a cost effective process of removing existing coatings, and debris from metal surfaces. This process can not be used on any items that cannot withstand 800 degrees.

The process involves placing metal parts into an oven, and slowly heating them to approximately 800 degrees for approximately 2 hours. After they have cooled, they are blasted with abrasive media to remove all the ash This dramatically cuts down the amount of time that blasting would take depending on how many coats of paint or other coatings exist or how intricate the parts are, such as wrought iron patio sets.

Most items with existing paint will need to be both burned and blasted. This process is very safe and not harmful to most metal structures. The burning process itself will not damage the metal, but on extremely old pieces, such as wrought iron or very intricate pieces, the burning process could reveal cracks or imperfections that many layers of old paint have been hiding.

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